Android App Development

Instructor : FaizSultan

In this course, we will learn basic to advance level Android App Development. We will learn to make android apps. We will start with the basics of Kotlin and then we will move towards advance concepts of Kotlin. Then we will learn Fronted Development & Firebase. We willl use SQLITE database & then move towards basic to advance JSON Parsing. At the end, we will do a Complete project.

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Course Details

Duration 19 weeks

Language Urdu

Lecture Days Sat, Sun

Batch Details

Batch Code 28240224

Start Date 24 Feb 2024

End Date 30 Jun 2024


Course Cost PKR 15300/-

Installment Cost PKR 17000/-

Max Installments 4

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • What is Android?
  • Setting up the Environment to get started
  • Run your first Android App with Android Studio
  • PF with Kotlin
  • OOP with kotlin
  • Extension Function
  • Null Safety
  • Activities
  • Fragments
  • Services
  • Content Provider
  • Android Widgets
  • Intents and Navigation between Activities
  • Sharing Data between Activities
  • Add Third Party SDK’s to your App
  • Layouts and its types
  • ListView and RecyclerView
  • ViewPager and Pages
  • ViewPager and Fragments
  • Getting started with Notifications
  • Customize Notifications
  • Types of services
  • Overview of Firebase
  • Firebase Concepts
  • Components of Firebase
  • Introduction to Jetpack Components
  • Why use a Jetpack?
  • Store data in Shared Preferences
  • Settings Screen using Preferences
  • What are Databases?
  • SQLITE Database
  • Room Database
  • Introduction to JSON
  • JSON Model Classes
  • Parsing JSON to Kotlin Model Classes(Automatic and Manual Strategies)
  • API HTTP Request
  • Retrofit
  • Fetching Data from API
  • Getting started with MVVM
  • Adding View Models and Live Data
  • Read and Write Operations
  • Getting Started with Android CameraX Library
  • Change language of app
  • RTL support
  • How to Improve your Skills further?
  • Android Project
  • Android Project
  • Android Project
  • Android Project